East School hosts math game night

More than 150 students and parents attended an entertaining and educational Math Night at Long Beach’s East School on Oct. 4. This event, geared toward grades K-2, introduced parents to math games they can play with their children at home to bring learning and family fun together.  

Various stations, assembled in the gymnasium, featured hands-on games that align with the concepts students are learning in class. Approximately 75 parents reviewed the rules of the games, practiced playing with partners and received their own game boards and directions. They rotated through stations every five minutes and also had the opportunity to review books on math topics that can be read at home. 

The games are simple to follow and involve easy-to-find objects such as pennies, beads and cheerios that can be used as counters. They reinforce math skills such as counting up, counting on, counting backward and doubling numbers.

While parents were involved in their workshop, teachers read math trade books, played math games and completed math activities with more than 90 students in classrooms. National Honor Society volunteers from Long Beach High School offered assistance.  

This event was a collaborative effort of teachers and administrators, who began developing it last spring. The teachers created all of the materials for each station and game. East is now preparing for a March Math Night for students in grades 3-5 and their parents.