Members of Long Beach High School’s Life Skills program and the district’s special education program took part in the annual Surfers Healing Surf Camp, held at Lido West Town Beach on Sept. 13. Thanks to professional instructors and volunteers, participants from local communities had the opportunity to experience a sea of peace and possibility.

One by one, students were fitted for life jackets and accompanied by instructors as they made their way out into the water on long boards. They each embarked upon their own unique surfing adventures, in which they took on new challenges and gained self-confidence while riding waves back to the shore.

Members of the Long Beach High School surf team handed out medals with pride and offered encouragement, high-fives and praise to the accomplished beginners.

Surfers Healing seeks to enhance the lives of children and teens with special needs, specifically those with autism. The organization’s stellar team, coupled with the ocean’s therapeutic effect has been making a difference in the lives of its participants for 17 years. This was one of many one-day Surfers Healing camps held across the nation and was organized in partnership with the Town of Hempstead.