Senior Scholarship Night Rewards Students for Dedication


With the 2017-18 school year winding down, Long Beach High School recognized seniors who have demonstrated exemplary efforts in academics, the arts, athletics, community service and other areas. This year’s Senior Scholarship Night, held on May 30, brought members of the Board of Education administration, staff and community together to celebrate the efforts and achievements of the soon-to-be 2018 graduates

The event kicked off with a performance of the National Anthem by student Olivia DiResta. Principal Jeffrey Myers welcomed attendees and addressed the seniors. His remarks were followed by those from Board of Education President Stewart Mininsky, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jennifer Gallagher and Guidance Coordinator Kerry Fallon. The Soundwaves vocal ensemble provided outstanding musical entertainment.

“In addition to being a celebration of individual accomplishments of our students, this evening is a recognition of the school community as a whole,” said Mr. Myers. “The success that we are recognizing in our students is directly impacted by the social influence of others.” He asked all award winners to think about those who have developed their skills, abilities and excellence of character. 

“Tonight is truly a celebration -- each of you set a goal, worked diligently and achieved that goal so much so that we recognize you with a variety of honors,” said Dr. Gallagher. “We are so proud of you. You exemplify all that is good about students and the Long Beach community.” She reflected on a quote by Betty Williams upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, and noted that honoring hard work and success inspires one to do more.

Island Park Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Rosmarie Bovino and Board of Education members were also in attendance to celebrate the students from Island Park that have been successful in their high school careers in Long Beach. Senior Class President Chrysalis Mandell spoke on behalf of the students being honored and summarized the many strides that they have collectively made. 

Hundreds of awards were presented, totaling more than $100,000, thanks to the generosity of local individuals, businesses and organizations. An assortment of scholarships were provided on behalf of local PTAs, teachers’ associations, government offices, civic groups and businesses. Several recognitions were presented as memorials in honor of individuals who have touched many lives and left a lasting positive impact on the Long Beach School District and community. 

Departmental Awards were presented at the May 24 Board of Education Meeting. Visit for more information about these honors.