Long Beach High School took the opportunity to showcase the success and skill of TV Studio Production students on June 2, when its Third Annual Film Festival was held. The event featured 32 submissions. And several awards and distinctions.

Students entered films/videos in the categories of trailer, PSA, commercial, comedy, drama, music video and documentary. This year, approximately 70 audience members voted in an interactive format by using Google Form and their results were instantly tallied.

Jack Rabin won a first-place award for the film “Milk,” Jeannie Ripley-Grier placed second for “Cereal Killer” and Sean Reilly, James O’Connor and Logan Kohn received a third-place distinction for “Work is Hell 2.” Additionally, teacher Eric Krywe was presented with a Citation from the Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano.

The high school’s TV Studio Production students achieved many awards and acknowledgments during the 2016-17 school year for films they created using the high school’s computers, Final Cut Pro software and recording equipment. Their work received spotlight in a variety of exhibits, festivals and other competitions.