LB Chromebook plan moves forward, approved for Smart Schools Bond Act funding

The Long Beach Public Schools is excited to announce the approval of its one-to-one technology initiative for funding under the New York State Smart Schools Bond Act. During the first two weeks in February, each student in Long Beach Middle School and Long Beach High School received a Chromebook through this plan. Support from Senator Todd Kaminsky’s office also aided in the acquirement of devices.

For the district’s sixth- through 12th-graders, this means the Chromebook will be theirs to use for the duration of the school year. The devices enable them to access a whole world of new educational opportunities. Instead of reading about the Mona Lisa, students will be able to see it through a virtual tour of the Louvre. Texts about the great pyramids will be enhanced by a visit to the structures through Google Earth. Video chats with NASA scientists will enable students to be part of space exploration firsthand, and electronic mathematical simulations will help them to visualize complex equations.

Chromebooks also accommodate Google Classroom, a platform that allows students and teachers to collaborate on work and edit in real time and improves communications between teachers and parents.

Staff members at both the middle school and high school have been engaged in professional learning about Google Classroom and other electronic resources, and are eager to expand upon the unique, interactive opportunities for instruction.

Elementary students will also soon see an increase in computer devices in their classrooms and a greater linkage of technology tools to the literacy, math, science and social studies standards.

 “The technology initiative is just one part of the Long Beach Public Schools’ ongoing commitment to provide up-to-date, rigorous, student-centered instruction across content areas and grade levels,” said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Jennifer Gallagher. “It is designed to prepare our students for the dynamic and ever-changing world of college and careers in the 21st century.”