A Moving Act of Kindness: Lido Students and Staff Dance for Cancer Fundraiser


Lido School students and staff members made the building into one large dancefloor on Dec. 23, when they performed the popular steps of “The Whip” dance for the National Whip Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser. The entire Lido family gathered and performed the well-known choreography from Silento’s song, “Watch Me.”

Prior to this activity, families were encouraged to purchase yellow ribbons for $1 each to support the cause. The ribbons were displayed on the walls for all to see. The school-wide dance was recorded and a video was submitted as part of the initiative.

The Lido participants, many of whom sported their school shirts for the occasion, raised more than $600 for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation at Sloan Memorial Kettering Hospital. They held this activity in conjunction with the holidays as a way to give back to children in need during a season of joy and kindness.