West School Honors Role Models


Every class at West School in Long Beach took Feb. 2 as an opportunity to honor their role models and heroes. Paramount Person Day encouraged students to think about and express appreciation to the individuals who have positive influences on their lives.

Leading up to the day, each student interviewed their Paramount Person at home and then reported about them at school. They wrote letters inviting their subjects to West for a special recognition. 

“It’s about having someone to look up to who sets a good example,” said teacher Sally-Ann D’Andrea. 

The celebratory event began with a morning assembly in the gymnasium, where students performed songs for their guests. They then returned to their classrooms and participated in activities together. Students shared poems that described and acknowledged their Paramount Person and presented them with handmade paper medals. The students and their visitors, many of whom were parents and other family members, traced each other’s hands and created works of art together.