Lindell Students ‘Chalk the Walk’ with Feelings

Raindrops and clouds outside did not dim the enthusiasm of Lindell Elementary School students, who expressed their feelings during a “Chalk the Walk” event on Sept. 30. This annual event ties in with the district’s emphasis on social-emotional learning by reviewing an array of emotions that build self-awareness and compassion.

During a morning assembly that featured a puppet show and “mood meter,” students learned that all feelings are accepted and explored ways to turn negative moods into positive ones. The chalk art portion of the event was moved indoors this year due to the weather, and students gathered with their classes in the hallways to create beautiful displays of self-expression on construction paper.

Students received colored chalk and illustrated their moods on the banner-sized paper. The final products currently line the building’s hallways with pictures of hearts, flowers, suns, self-portraits and many other images that convey an assortment of feelings.

The district implemented the social-emotional learning approach in 2014 in all four elementary buildings. The philosophy focuses on the key competencies of self-awareness, social awareness, relationship tools, responsible decision-making and self-management.