#YouMatterLBMS Day Has Positive Messages for All

Long Beach Middle School ran a program called #YouMatterLBMS on Dec. 17. The program, which supported the district’s social emotional learning principles, focused on the importance of positive behaviors and the prevention of bullying.

As the day began, all classes viewed an encouraging video created by Long Beach Middle School staff members who shared some of the countless reasons students should know and believe that they matter. The segment can be viewed on YouTube via the link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhW2L5qFyoQ.

Activities organized by the Guidance and Pupil Personnel Services departments were held during lunch periods. Students filled out “You matter because” cards with kind reflections about others. The cards were affixed to a LBMS #YouMatter banner displayed in the hallway so that students will always have a place to see reminders of their many positive qualities and sentiments about why they should appreciate themselves as individuals. The banner was created by art students and features an ocean theme.

Throughout the day, brief announcements were broadcast over the loudspeakers to provide continuous facts about the event’s importance.