Lido thanks dedicated drivers

Lido Elementary School took the time to pay tribute to staff members who play a pivotal role in making each school day possible – the bus drivers. Nov. 17 was dubbed “Thank a Bus Driver Day,” and featured a heartfelt program presented by students.

Twenty-seven bus drivers were attended a gathering in the multi-purpose room, where they were treated to breakfast courtesy of the Lido PTA and cookies and coffee from the Pre-K PTA.

Students made cards, posters and letters that expressed gratitude for the individuals who, as stated in the event’s program, “are sometimes the first smiling adult we see each morning and the last before we get home. You always brave the weather to get us kids safely where we need to be, while being a shining example as you do it.”

Students also provided their dedicated bus drivers with “survival kits” filled with candy and various other items, each with special meanings behind them.