LBHS tech classes exhibit 21st century projects

The Long Beach High School technology education department hosted its first-ever Tech Expo and Car Show on Saturday, Oct. 29. The event proved to be a successful showcase of projects that students designed and built through their involvement in technology-related classes.

Students enrolled in wood shop courses displayed the Adirondack chairs they constructed, some of which furnish the building’s first floor commons area. They also presented their other handiwork creations, such as cutting boards and a boat that has been in the works for several years and is nearing completion.

“It was a great way to promote our department so that people outside and in the building know what we do and what goes on in these classes,” said teacher Eric Heck.

Members of the architecture classes exhibited their renderings of new plans for the lower level commons space with the intention of providing a warmer, more student-friendly atmosphere. Students polled their peers on their thoughts about the commons area and elements that would improve it, and then developed blueprints using the Google SketchUp program.

“We wanted to make it look more appealing,” said freshman Tamiyah Massey, who worked with Rasheeda Cole to design an open space concept that offers couches, long desks, tables and chairs.

Architecture class participants also presented Balsam wood models and demonstrated the printing of objects using a 3D MakerBot.

“Showcasing what the students have worked so hard on is motivational and provides them with confidence,” said teacher Eric Krywe. “This expo was an opportunity to show the public 21st Century skills.”  

Projects fabricated in the metal shop, including a Go Kart, were featured as well.  Tours of the high school’s state-of-the-art TV studio, wood shop and other classrooms provided guests with a firsthand look at those facilities.

In addition to the students’ work, a car show brought another component to the event. Car enthusiasts displayed an assortment of automobiles that ranged in makes, years and models.