Mental health matters

LBMS hosts Awareness Day for students

Long Beach Middle School students organized a Mental Health Awareness Day that was held on Oct. 25. A number of efforts were made throughout the day to bring a greater understanding of how to cope with stress, seek help for oneself or someone else when needed and break the stigma around mental health issues.
Students worked in different subgroups. They created 1,000 green ribbons for all peers and staff members to wear that day, sold bracelets to raise money for the Long Island Crisis Center and distributed materials with useful information and statistics. In the cafeteria, students were given 24-hour help line keychains and brochures about living mentally healthy lives through stress relief, etc.

Students also created a banner on which all green ribbons were placed. For the week leading up to this event, announcements were made regarding the critical topic of mental health. The school plans to continue this initiative with possible assembly programs and parent group discussions in the future.