Career Fair Brings Enthusiasm for Bright Futures

Long Beach High School held career fair on March 10, during which students ranging from grades 10-12 had the opportunity to explore various occupations and speak directly with experts from each.

The gymnasium was converted into a job expo filled with booths that represented approximately 50 different vocational fields. Presenters took the time to answer questions, describe their roles and explain the credentials that are necessary in order to pursue employment in their industries.

The event featured the worlds of accounting, education, government, banking, dentistry, electrical work, fashion, media, occupational therapy, culinary arts, fitness, law enforcement, real estate, medicine, social work, veterinary medicine, the military and many more. Police officers, firefighters, teachers, metal workers, nurses, personal trainers, engineers, ironworkers, chefs, painters, auto technicians, funeral directors, librarians and artists were among the assortment of professionals who were on-site.

“An activity such as our Career Fair presents an opportunity to bring the business community to our students, and also provides us with valuable information as to how the world of work is changing,” said Interim Guidance Coordinator 6-12 Dr. Benedict Baglio. “We heard nothing but good things from both students and our guests. Hopefully students took away new interpretations of what our academic program strives to achieve in terms of preparation for the future, as well as how their conceptions of what’s involved in career preparation may be better formulated. It’s also great to see how the community supports our schools.”

College- and career-readiness is one of the district’s main priorities, and events and lessons throughout the school year emphasize the range of future possibilities that are available to students.