LARC Students’ Skills Stand Out at Word Masters Meet

A team of fifth-graders who participate in the Long Beach Public Schools’ Learning Activities to Raise Creativity (LARC) program placed eighth out of 347 teams across the country in the second national Word Masters meet.

Jacob LoCascio and Skyler Oberlander of East School; Jordan Collinson, James Littlefield, Ava Rand and Jared Tate of Lido School; John Chigounis and Oliver Reiger of Long Beach Catholic Regional School; Lindsay Hoffmann and Chloe Silverberg of Lindell School; and Leyla Dibra of West School were the highest scorers from Long Beach and helped secure the eighth-place achievement.

Lido School fourth-grader Kira Argiro is among 46 students out of approximately 21,000 who scored perfectly on the fourth-grade meet, and Lindell third-grader Jack Broughton is one of only 23 students of approximately 19,000 who achieved flawless results at the third-grade level.

Other top performers in all three grades for meets one and two include West School third graders Ronin Rugolsky and Zachary Scouten and fifth-graders Mia Berseus and Noah Robinson; East School fourth-graders Troy DeFrancesco and Dean Parenti and fifth-grader William Pagan; Lindell fourth-grader Jason Rea and Long Beach Catholic Regional School fourth-grader Julia Turner.

The Word Masters Challenge is a national competition that addresses higher order thinking skills and verbal reasoning, emphasizing logical abilities and challenging students to think both analytically and metaphorically.

Photo Courtesy of Long Beach Public Schools