A Heart-to-Heart Visit Brings LB Students Together

Long Beach students from the NIKE Work-Based Learning Center’s Female Empowerment group paid a heart-warming visit to Lido School’s Pre-K wing on Feb. 10, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The twelfth-graders shared positive, thoughtful messages with the children in the form of hand-made valentines and a story reading of, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George.”

The objective of the activity was to bring the NIKE students together as a group to deliver positive messages about kindness and friendship, starting at the youngest age level. They visited each Pre-K classroom, where their efforts were met with smiles and excitement.

The NIKE seniors expressed enthusiasm for this rewarding initiative. “It makes you feel good about yourself, and the kids love it,” said Pamela Deras. “It was nice to come back,” said Alexi Lopez, noting that she, Pamela and another student, Ryan Erickson, all went to Blackheath and Lido in their earlier years.