Collaboration Makes the Cut for East School Film Project

East School and Long Beach High School teamed up to bring a concept to fruition, thanks to the creativity of the elementary school fifth-graders, skills of the TV Studio Production students and resourcefulness of staff members. Participants from both buildings were enthusiastic over working together to create a short film about East.

The fifth grade classes developed the idea for an advertisement titled, “Top 10 Reasons to Send Your Child to East School.” Geared toward prospective parents and students, the segment features a cast of fifth-graders who highlight their favorite things about the building. Teachers first introduced this as an assignment and then called on the high school’s filming capabilities to finalize the project.

After organizing their thoughts and mapping out a plan, the East students and teachers visited the high school’s digital media studio on Feb. 4. The TV Studio Production class members, who have earned a number of awards for their work, used their talents and knowledge to film various takes that they would eventually edit and compile into one full-length advertisement.

The advertisement underscores aspects that are evident throughout the Long Beach Public Schools, including excellent academic programs, inspiring and nurturing teachers, extraordinary opportunities such as second-grade swim, the fostering of lifelong friendships, specials and extra-curricular activities, an outstanding music program and a strong emphasis on safety. It also presents initiatives that make East School unique, such as the Dancing Classrooms experience, specific clubs and annual events.

The fifth-graders had the opportunity to experience the behind-the-scenes steps that are involved when filming a segment in a professional studio, while the high school students sharpened their own dexterity as filmmakers through the recording and editing processes.