Inventions and Ideas Flourish in Summer Learning Program

Long Beach Students Develop Skills at Camp Invention

Long Beach students kept their minds and creative sides sharp after school ended, thanks to opportunities presented by Camp Invention during the week of June 27. The classrooms of Long Beach High School provided settings for inventing, experimenting and learning through hands-on, collaborative activities.

Camp Invention focused on the four components of STEM – science, technology, engineering and math – and encouraged students to work together to make discoveries and develop ideas. The nationally recognized summer program’s 2016 curriculum was comprised of six modules. Students created robotic, solar-powered crickets known as Crickobots, built Epic Parks with tree houses and other features, repurposed broken machines in a Maker Studio and took on scientific challenges in a lab called, “Where Pigs Fly.”

The campers used upcycled materials as an environmentally conscious way to expand their learning. The assignments helped students make the connection between school and the broader world, as they applied their own knowledge in order to solve problems and complete the tasks at hand.
Long Beach High School students volunteered as counselors and counselors-in-training, and staff members throughout the district served as camp teachers.