June 9 LB Board of Ed. Meeting Honors Many

The Long Beach Public Schools’ June 9 Board of Education Meeting spotlighted both students and staff members who have made great strides through their efforts and dedication to learning.

Seventeen faculty members were granted tenure at the meeting. Administrators from their respective buildings/departments shared words of praise for each tenure recipient as he/she was called to the podium and met with applause. Congratulations to Gianna Cody, Daniel D’Ottavio, Lauren Diesu, Andrew Frey, Robin Gonzales, Kristin Jones, Christine LaMarca, Kim Liguori, Justin Marks, Douglas McConnell, Sean Miller, Brooke Regenbogen, Dana Runfola, Jeanine Sofield, Theresa Taplin, Doris Tavernese and Nicole Vasheo for reaching this career milestone that represents their commitment to their roles as educators.

Elementary school students Kira Argiro, Jack Broughton, John Chigounis Hoffman, Troy DeFrancesco, Lindsay Hoffman, Jason Rea and Ronin Rugolsky were honored for their success in advancing to the National WordMasters competition. Jordan Collinson, Melinda DeSantis and Francesca Papetti received recognitions for their Outstanding Performance designations in the Philosophy Slam.

High School students Max Tunney and Andrew Garcia were congratulated for receiving a Silver medal and Silver Key award, respectively, in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards’ arts component.

Numerous certificates of recognition were presented to science research participants at all levels. Special acknowledgments went to those who have achieved awards and honors at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, New York Science and Engineering Fair, New York State Science and Engineering Fair: Andromeda Competition, Cold Spring Harbor DNA Laboratory’s Barcode LI Program Symposium, Long Island Science Congress and Nassau County Science Competition. See below for the full list of names and distinctions.


Long Beach High School

Science Research Participants (9th grade)

Alyscia Caitlin Batista
Lauren Bulik

Paige Carpenter
Nicole Celis
Nicole Codianni
Alexa Rachel Coffin
Andrew D'Alessandro
Aleisha Degillo
Dylan Brett Edelman
Talia Fernandez
Madison Julia Gusler
Joshua Kapilian
Charlotte Kile
Emily Anne McDonnell
Jacob Miller
Esther Molloy
Sophia Munier
Nicholas Muratore
Carson Nellins
Jack Palmer
Eddie Perez
Emily Piernick-Nazinitsky,
Jarrod Pine
Kaley Skarren
Jared Starman
Jaylyn Umana
Dmytro Vremenko
Thomas William Walsh
Brett Weiner
Hannah Zelinger



Science Research Participants (10th grade)

James Joseph Baratta                  Robert Dumitriu                             Christian Gallucci (senior)  

Blaise Derenze                            Logan Friedman                           Vincenzo Pagano

 George Ventura


Science Research Participants (11th grade)

Mashiyat Ahmed                        Kelly Ann DiResto                         Leah Shokrian

Melissa Baldeo                           Savannah Kile                                Blaine Siegel

Erika Combs                               Jessica Marcote                             Fey Villagomez                    


Science Research Participants (12th grade)

Pheobe Appel                Alexandra Kapilian                                   Emily Reilly               

Christian Galluci                        Jacob Kaplan                                  Justin Weissberg                 

Jonathan Kapilian                             


Long Island Science and Engineering Fair

  • Alexandra and Jonathan Kapilian won the regional awards from the American Meteorological Society and the Robert and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives for their project entitled, “Building Sustainable Communities: Determining the Ideal Population Density to Minimize Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Sulphur Oxide Pollution.”
  • Savannah Kile & Leah Shokrian won third place in the Environmental and Earth Science category for their project entitled, “Ascertaining the Correlation among Ilyanassa obsoleta Size and Pleurogonius malaclemys Presence.”


New York Science and Engineering Fair

  • Alexandra and Jonathan Kapilian won first place in the Environmental category for their project entitled, “Building Sustainable Communities: Determining the Ideal Population Density to Minimize Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Sulphur Oxide Pollution.”
  • Joshua Kapilian won second place in the Systems Software category for his project entitled, “Remodeling the United States Airspace using Direct Routing.”


NYS Science and Engineering Fair: Andromeda Competition

  • Pheobe Appel and Emily Reilly won third place with the project entitled, “The effect of N-type doped graphen as a catalyst for a photovoltaic reaction on variability of hydrogen output due to electrolysis of water.”
  • Blaise Derenze and George Ventura won third place with the project entitled, “The Effect of Ionizing Radiation on the Structure and Assimilation of Hypogymnia physodes.”


Cold Spring Harbor DNA Laboratory's Barcode LI  Program Symposium:  Selected Participants and Their Projects

  • Alyscia Batista and Dmytro Vremenko - Understanding Plankton Diversity in a Nutrient Filled Bay.
  • Lauren Bulik and Emily McDonnell - Analyzing Microplastics in the Southern Bays of Nassau County: Abundance, Composition and Origin.
  • Paige Carpenter and Aleisha Degillo - Examining the Biodiversity of Plankton in a High Nutrient Load Coastal Bay System.
  • Nicole Codianni and Kaley Skarren - What is the Effect of Secondary Succession on Individual Groups of Insects?
  • Alexa Coffin - The Diversity of Macroinvertebrates in Oak Leaf Compost.
  • Eddie Perez and Brett Weiner - The Diversity of Benthic Macroinvertebrates of the Nitrogen-Riddled Saltwater Marshes and Tidal Ponds of Reynolds Channel.
  • Jared Starman - The Effect of a Barrier Island Ecosystem on the Mushroom Population.


Long Island Science Congress – 2016 Awards Senior Division

James Barrata                        Meritorious

Nicole Celis                            Highest Honors and Green Planet award

Andrew D’Alessandro          Honorable Mentionk

Blaise Derenze                      Achievement

Robert Dumitriu                    Meritorious

Dylan Edelman                      Meritorious

Talia Fernandez                    Meritorious

Logan Friedman                    Achievement

Charlotte Kile                         Meritorious

Jacob Miller                            Honorable Mention

Sophia Munier                       Highest Honors and Green Planet award

Jack Palmer                            Honorable Mention

Emily Piernick-Nazinitsky    Meritorious

Jarrod Pine                             Meritorious

Jaylyn Umana                         Achievement

George Ventura                     Achievement

Thomas Walsh                       Honorable Mention

Hannah Zelinger                    Honorable Mention



Long Beach Middle School


Long Island Science Congress – 2016 Awards Junior Division

Maya Arengo                         Honorable Mention

Uma Arengo                           Achievement

Hunter Bloomer                    High Honors

Aron Damiani                        Honorable Mention

Sophia Elenson                      Achievement

Hayley Fallon                         Achievement

Ashley Friedman                   Honorable Mention

Meilin Garfinkel                     Honorable Mention

Arjun Gupta                           Meritorious

Ariel Keynan                          Meritorious

Kelly Brolley-Monahan         Honorable Mention

Erik Roll                                 High Honors/$50 ASM Int’l Long Island Chapter Award

Brenna Regan                        Honorable Mention

Julianne Robinson                 Meritorious

Chandler Rosenzweig           Honorable Mention

Caroline Roser-Dialma         Honorable Mention

Victoria Strickland                 Meritorious


Nassau County Science Competition

Allison DeMeo and Margaret Swegler                     Madeline O'Connor

Sophia Elenson                                                          Vincenzo Pagano

Talia Fernandez                                                        Emily Piernick

Alexandra Kapilian                                                    Erik Roll

Jonathan Kapilian                                                      Victoria Strickland                            

Joshua Kapilian                                                          Jaylyn Umana

Sophia Munier