West Elementary School in Long Beach offered a tour around the globe on June 9, when students and staff members presented Multicultural Day. Each class from grade 1-5 selected a country and researched all aspects of that region in preparation for this event. The outcome was a museum-like showcase of informative exhibits, artifacts, performances and demonstrations that celebrated the world’s diversity.

Students’ studies came to life as they portrayed a variety of traditions, clothing styles, sports, art, food and other characteristics of areas near and far. They created visual displays and dressed in attire that is customary in their locations of focus. Among the countries represented were China, Greece, Italy, Japan, Israel, England, Australia, Egypt, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, France, Mexico, Cuba, Sweden and Brazil.

As a highlight, students gathered in the gymnasium and captivated an audience of family members and teachers with perfectly-choreographed dance routines. The performances were synchronized with songs that either featured or originated in the classes’ assigned countries.