Board Meeting Honors Academic Achievements, Tenure Recipients


At the Long Beach Public Schools’ June 8 Board of Education Meeting, many students were recognized for their achievements in academics. Congratulatory certificates were presented to those who have made excellent strides in science, writing and other academic areas. Additionally, the Board of Education granted tenure to 12 teachers. 

Science research students Savannah Kile and Leah Shokrian were commended for having been the first to publish a partial DNA sequence in the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s international database, GenBank. Vinny Pagano won first place at the New York State Science and Engineering Fair and an Honorable Mention at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair and received the Mu Alpha Theta math award at both. Lauren Bulik and Emily McDonnell won third place at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair and a bronze award at the Molloy College Science Fair. Joshua Kapilian was awarded bronze at the Molloy competition as well. 

High school student Joshua Kapilian won an award at the New York State Science Congress. At the Long Island Science Congress, distinctions were earned by Long Beach High School students Lauren Bulik, Nicole Celis, Nicole Codianni, Alexa Coffin, Andrew D’Alessandro, Aleisha Degillo, Joshua Kapilian (second place, selected for States Competition), Charlotte Kile, Emily McDonnell, Jacob Miller, Sophia Munier, Eddie Perez, Jarrod Pine, Kaley Skarren, Jaylyn Umana and Brett Weiner and Long Beach Middle School students Uma Arengo, Samantha Breen (third place), Ashley Friedman, Valentina Gonzales, Jacob Grant, Trey Heller, Jake Hetzler, Daniella Isaacs, Ariel Keynan, Bret Michaels, Daniel O’Connor, Arianna Quijano, Sebastian Quinn, Katherine Roll, Samantha Rosenbaum, Jillian Sondike, Alexa Weiner and Liam White. 

Numerous high school students were commended for their success in writing competitions. In the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards program, Chrysalis Mandell was awarded a National Gold Medal and Sophie Allen won a National Silver Medal. Scholastic distinctions were also earned by Isabella Attrachji, Alyscia Batista, Ava De Bruin, Jordan Landsman, Sarah Mullins, Kaitlyn Murphy, David Newman, Shae Sennett, Lucia Techera and Iain Wall. 

At Adelphi Poetry Day in April, Sophie Allen, Alyscia Batista, Lauren Bulik, Lucia Techera and Jess Thursland received awards and Rachell Koegel was awarded an Excellence for Teaching of Poetry award. Lauren Bulik, Richard Lilly, Dillon Razler, Skyla Robinson, Taylor Rudtner, Adriana Sadjoeri and Katelyn Salvato were recognized as winners in the Irish Cultural Society’s Gaelic Quatrain Contest. 

Elementary school students Emily Backlin, Jack Clancy, Eldjima Djandabri-Holt, Samantha Feingold, Ruby Patton, Shayna Rivera and Sean Sarmuksnis drew a round of applause for ranking tenth out of thousands of teams across the globe at the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in Michigan. Another team, comprised of Mia DiNardo, Orly Keynan, Laika Khan, Vincent Napolitano, Jack Passman and Zachary Souton, was recognized for placing third at the regional level. 

Several awards were bestowed upon elementary school students in the LARC program. Kira Argiro, Theodore Clancy, Tabitha Freeny, Gabriel Klarikaitis, Luke Morita, Marissa Miller and Ronin Rugolsky were honored for their exceptional performances in the Word Masters Challenge competition. Shea O’Hara and Sienna Warren achieved exceptional performances on the Robots of the Future Science and Engineering Contest. Melinda DeSantis, Dylan Dean, Ronin Rugolsky and Teagan Urich performed exceptionally on the UCPN Trivia Challenge, and Jayden Butcher, Hunter Stadtman and Aysu Unvej were commended for their exceptional performances in the Philosophy Slam Competition.

Tenure was granted to Cristi Busching, Ian Butler, Eric Fox, Susan Garcia, Lynn Harkins, Nilka McDonnell, Aileen Monahan, Ashley Monastero, Kaitlyn Moorhead, Noelle Policastro, Enza Salamone and Lindsay Smith. Administrators from various school buildings and departments provided remarks that reflected the dedication and commitment of these valued staff members. 

Following the recognitions, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Jennifer Gallagher and members of the SEL Committee led a presentation on SEL Interventions. Also at this meeting, the Board of Education considered a bid that would privatize the operation of food service. The proposal was tabled to the next meeting.