A steady STREAM of learning at Lido


The Long Beach Public Schools’ Lido Elementary School held its first-ever STREAM Fair on May 31. This event incorporated literacy into the STEAM approach to education, resulting in a celebration of science, technology, reading, engineering, art and mathematics.

An assortment of interactive projects and activities were showcased as examples of ways that these subjects can come together into engaging and enriching learning experiences. Teachers aligned their work with the Next Generation Science Standards, and projects were also reflective of the Student-based Inquiry Model.

Lido classes from Pre-K through fifth-grade presented interdisciplinary experiments, explorations and discoveries that supported learning through inquiry and collaboration. The Pre-K children learned about the life cycles of plants and insects with lessons that involved measurements and comparisons, predictions and observations, drawing and craft activities and music.

Kindergartners created stories based on those of Dr. Seuss as they focused on addition, slime and structures that can hold apples as their subject matter. First-graders put their engineering skills to the test while building bridges, experimented with magnets and created projects about their research of the solar system.

Second-grade students experienced the scientific method with their buoyancy explorations and constructed aluminum foil boats, for which they made predictions. The third-grade participated in inquiry-based activities that explored the concepts of force through measuring, designing and revising their thinking.

Fourth-graders studied a variety of cycles, such as electric circuits, water cycles, life cycles, food chains, ecosystems, recycling, Pi Day and poetry. Fifth-grade students concentrated on studies of Earth-related topics such as climate change, recycling, ecosystems, pollution, renewable resources and energy. They have brainstormed and applied ways in which they can help preserve the environment.

A multi-grade project was also on display and featured an architectural drawing of Lido Elementary School. It contained dimensions of the hallways and coding directions around the building.