With the 2016-17 school year winding down, Long Beach High School recognized seniors who have demonstrated exemplary efforts in academics, the arts, athletics, community service and other areas. Academic Awards Night, held on June 1, is an annual tradition that celebrates a range of achievements earned by members of the senior class.

Hundreds of awards were presented, totaling more than $100,000, thanks to the generosity of local individuals, businesses and organizations. Family members and friends came out to applaud the honorees, as did the district’s many educators who have been dedicated to student learning and success.

The Soundwaves vocal ensemble provided a musical interlude, and Mikayla Faria performed the national anthem. Board of Education President Stewart Mininsky, Superintendent of Schools David Weiss, High School Principal Jeffrey Myers and Guidance Coordinator Kerry Fallon welcomed all attendees with opening remarks. Senior Govinda Thomas addressed his class and audience, and summarized the many achievements that were earned throughout the year.

“Although we are here tonight to recognize your accomplishments, it is we who are honored,” said Mr. Mininsky on behalf of the Board. “Honored by what you have contributed to Long Beach High School. Commitment to excellence is what you have accomplished.”

Mr. Weiss paraphrased Thomas Huxley and shared the quote, “The wrung of a ladder is never to rest upon, but only to hold a person long enough to enable them to climb higher.” “Congratulations on your climb so far,” he said. “Best of luck as you continue your journey – you have our support.”

Awards were presented to promising graduates from 15 high school departments, and an assortment of scholarships were provided on behalf of local PTAs, teachers’ associations, government offices, civic groups and businesses. Several recognitions were presented as memorials in honor of individuals who have touched many lives and left a lasting positive impact on the Long Beach School District and community.