The Long Beach High School technology education department hosted its second annual Tech Expo and Car Show on Saturday, May 20. The event featured many professional-level projects that students have produced from start to finish through their participation in technology-related classes.

Students enrolled in woodshop courses showcased their handiwork creations, which included benches that were constructed this year. Architecture students presented MakerBot printing objects that they designed, and exhibited technically hand-drawn floor plans of their own dream houses. They also displayed the beginning of what will be a 1:440 scale model of the high school and surrounding area of houses, printed with the MakerBot. They searched Google Earth to model exactly the style and the paint/siding color of every house surrounding the school.

For the automotive students, many months’ worth of work was well worth it the time and effort when they unveiled their finished, fully functioning 1947 Ford hot rod truck. Throughout the school year they assembled and welded the frame, installed shocks, conducted bodywork, wiring and plumbing and painted. The floor of the truck bed was built in the high school’s woodshop.  

The vehicle contains a 1962 Chevrolet truck bed, a grill and Farmall tractor headlights from the 1930s and an engine from a 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche. It was a highlight to the auto show component of the event, which drew many car enthusiasts. Attendees had opportunities to tour the school’s technology facilities and witness the unique and useful learning experiences that are available.