Board of Education Retirement Reception

On May 25, the Long Beach Public Schools extended gratitude to 15 valued staff members who will retire at the end of the 2016-17 school year. During a Board of Education Retirement Reception, Board of Education members, administrators, faculty members and other attendees expressed their appreciation of the professionals whose contributions will be continued and remembered for years to come.  

Patricia Anajovich, Robert Berkowitz, Carol Cintorino, Anita Daniels, Gail Davis, Linda Fuller, Mitzi Goodman, Michael Honstetter, Lionel Jimenez, Margaret Karthaus, Elizabeth Lebowitz, Gregory Lustberg, Jane Quinton, Linda Sandman and Jean Schlegel were wished well in their retirements.
Administrators shared heartfelt reflections and remarks about each of the retirees present that evening and provided them with commemorative plaques.