Congratulations, Long Beach High School Graduates


Long Beach High School’s Class of 2015 celebrated years of success and many more to come at the 92nd annual commencement ceremony. As the seniors crossed the stage on Long Beach Middle School’s Veterans Field and accepted their diplomas, they began a new chapter of life filled with opportunities.

The concert band played “Pomp and Circumstance” as the graduates entered the field, and senior class officers led the Pledge of Allegiance. Members of the wind ensemble and symphonic choir performed the national anthem, followed by greetings from Principal William Stroud, Board of Education President Darlene Tangney and Superintendent of Schools David Weiss.

“The most remarkable thing about this graduating class is their sense of community,” Mr. Stroud said. “This is a highly diverse group that embraces each other’s unique qualities and pulls together in work, school and friendship.” He offered many points of advice and encouraged the students to be kind to others and themselves, be safe, participate fully, take care of their environment and remember that they are not alone.
“Continue to set goals and know that they will be attainable,” said Mrs. Tangney. “Today is the day for us to celebrate who you are now and who you will be as adults.”

Mr. Weiss shared the accomplishments of the graduating class. He told them, “You have to trust that all you have learned from school, from your family [and] from your community will allow you to connect the dots in your future and make a mark on the world.”

Mr. Stroud proudly introduced valedictorian Meagan Miciotta and salutatorian Corey Ochs, who reflected on their years of life lessons and shared inspiring words with fellow classmates.

Corey explained that writing his name down was one of the first and most consistent instructions given throughout the grade levels. “As we leave here today, ready to move on to college and beyond, remember that your name marks your own personalized stamp onto all that you achieve,” he said. “Take advantage of all the world has to offer, and never forget to always write down your name, for it will leave your legacy on this earth for years and years to come.”

Meagan began her speech by performing a song she had composed on the ukulele. The lyrics were filled with gratitude and tributes to her family, teachers and friends. In her address, she described the strong sense of support and connection that exists within Long Beach. “Take Long Beach with you wherever you go,” she said. “The spirit of this community is a powerful one, one with a drive for progress and ingenuity. May that spirit guide you and motivate you in your future endeavors. And may there always be a small bit of sand in your shoes.” 

Brandan Persaud, who served as class president during all four years of his high school career, addressed the audience as well. “Whether we are taking a college-bound track or a service route,” he said, “we must remember one thing, and that is to smile.”

In the moment that all had been awaiting, members of the Board of Education and administration joined Mr. Stroud for the presentation of diplomas. The seniors were met with cheers and congratulations as their names were individually called. Once all diplomas were distributed, Student Organization President Jaimie Demerest led the graduates in switching their tassels, signifying the official commencement of their journeys ahead.