Lindell Poets Connect Literacy and Creativity

Stories were shared and imaginations were inspired through words on June 10, when Lindell School held a poetry picnic on the field. In a tranquil outdoor setting, fourth-grade students relaxed on blankets as they took turns reading to classmates, teachers and parents in attendance.

Student had the opportunity to take the reader’s seat and share several poems. They each recited two of their own written pieces, as well as one selected composition by a published author. Many students took the time to explain the forms of poetry that were featured, such as haikus, cinquains and concrete poems, and described the meanings behind the verses.  

Throughout the year, fourth-grade classes studied different types of poetry. Students learned to identify the main ideas and purposes of poems, as well as descriptive language such as similes, metaphors and personification. They also explored rhyme schemes and practiced reading poems with rhythms.

The culminating picnic provided a celebratory atmosphere for students to demonstrate their knowledge of poetry and the writing process.