Science Students Honored, Food and Transportation Services Reviewed at May Board Meeting

At the May 26 Board of Education meeting, science research students were recognized for their achievements, and presentations on food services and transportation were given.

Long Beach High School students received certificates of acknowledgment for their participation in esteemed science competitions. Justin Weissberg was a finalist in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and took first place in the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair. Alexandra Kapilian and Jonathan Kapilian earned third place and Savannah Kile and Leah Shokrian placed fourth in their respective categories at LISEF. Jonathan was also a semifinalist in the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. Logan Weitz achieved fourth place at LISEF and third place at the New York State Science and Engineering Fair, where Justin Barry and Mark Pittinsky placed second.

A number of other students were honored for their triumphs and involvement in the Science Research Program. Mashiyat Ahmed, Phoebe Appel, Melissa Baldeo, James Baratta, Alex Brown, Erika Combs, Kyle Curley, Blaise Derenze, Kelly Ann DiResto, Robert Dumitriu, Cooper Everett, Alexis Feria, Logan Friedman, Christian Gallucci, Jacob Kaplan, Jake Kritzberg, Monica Lee, Andrew Robert Luisi, Jessica Marcote, Samuel Miller, Marc Lane Pittinsky, Dillon Razier, Emily Reilly and George Ventura were commended for their work.

    At the middle school level, Matt Amato, Lauren Bulik, Justin Cornell, Thomas Corso, Adelaide Donnely, Sophia Elenson, Meilin Garfinkle, Cole Goldstein, Angelica Gonzalez, Arjun Gupta, Maya Hult, Joshua Kapilian, Charlotte Kile, Winona McPhee, Jack Monahan, Evan Michaels, Luke Peers, Emily Piernick, Madeleine O’Connor, Carmen Sabedra and Victoria Stricktland earned certificates for their science research success.

Chief Operating Officer Michael DeVito and Director of Food Services Steven Kamlet reported an update on food services and discussed next year’s anticipated revenue and expenditures. They noted positive feedback from the district’s breakfast program and the addition of nine new lunch menu items. The full presentation is available on the district’s website, The Budget Advisory Committee addressed transportation and identified possibilities for improving efficiency and finding cost reductions. After reviewing their analysis of the district’s transportation services and needs, the BAC provided a list of recommendations to the Board. 

The next Board of Education meeting will be held on June 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the Middle School Auditorium.