Dancers Take the Stage for Spring Recital

Long Beach High School’s talented dancers presented a spring recital featuring choreography created by students in the International Baccalaureate dance program and performances from those in the IB, modern dance and dance fitness classes.

Showcased on the auditorium stage were a range of dance styles that included modern classics, Salsa-inspired pieces, traditional ballet and many others. Students Sea D’Amico, Amanda DeVito, Victoria Epstein, Ebonee Fagan, Hailey Hamias, Imani Medlin, Liana Merdinger, Yvonne Miller, Ingrid Portillo, Victoria Roselli and Katherine Zator composed their own pieces, through which they told stories and drew on personal experiences. They made creative use of sounds, lighting, costume and set design to support their themes, and the performers demonstrated techniques learned throughout the year as they expressed themselves through movement.

“Students were encouraged to create movement that enhanced the musical rhythms, tempos and accents,” said teacher Christianne Vella Donahue. “The seniors of the IB dance program created meaningful choreography, and I am so proud of their work.”

One of the senior composers, Katherine Zator, will continue her dance education in college. Katherine has been dancing since age 3, and was accepted to the SUNY Buffalo Bachelors of Fine Arts program where she will further refine her training.

The high school offers dance classes through the Athletics, Physical Education and Health Department. The IB dance courses emphasize dance performance, composition and analysis, and incorporate research skills as students explore dance history and traditions across cultures.