LB Celebrates 67 International Baccalaureate Diploma Recipients

Largest LBHS Class to Complete Challenging Academic Program

For the fourth consecutive year, Long Beach High School congratulated graduating seniors who successfully completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program with a recognition ceremony. Sixty-seven students completed the required two higher-level and three standard-level International Baccalaureate courses, internal assessments, external exams, Theory of Knowledge course, extended essay and 150 hours of community service this year, making the 2015 Class of International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates the largest one yet.

Long Beach High School became an International Baccalaureate World School in 2010. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a comprehensive two-year academic program designed to prepare students for the demands of college while instilling within them the qualities that comprise caring and active citizens. International Baccalaureate classes are known for their academic rigor and encourage students to be inquirers, well-balanced, thinkers, caring, reflective, knowledgeable, principled, open-minded, risk takers and communicative. 

Long Beach High School Principal William Stroud, Board of Education President Darlene Tangney, Superintendent of Schools David Weiss and Long Beach High School Assistant Principal and International Baccalaureate Coordinator Dr. Andrew Smith all shared congratulatory remarks, and senior Thomas Scully spoke on behalf of his class.

“We hope we have in front of us the future leaders who will help create a better world,” Mr. Weiss said. In reference to a recent news article that emphasized the powerful capacity computers have in obtaining information, he noted that programs like the International Baccalaureate equip people with qualities computers cannot possess. “The International Baccalaureate program is inquiry-based and challenges students to use higher-order thinking,” Mr. Weiss said. “It empowers students to be active learners in and outside of the program, and to serve the community in a way that computers do not.”

“These students exemplify what the International Baccalaureate mission statement is all about,” said Mrs. Tangney. Dr. Smith acknowledged the great deal of effort and hard work that the students dedicated to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, which will last them well into the future. “Your journey is not yet over; it is just beginning,” he said.

Each year, the International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates select a faculty member to serve as the ceremony’s keynote speaker. This year, they chose International Baccalaureate Social and Cultural Anthropology teacher Brian Petschauer, who offered his pupils a list of 12 tips for the future along with words of inspiration. “You all took a risk and signed up for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program,” he said. “Through it all, you did not give up, you got through it. Your International Baccalaureate education is a unique experience, and it is an extremely valuable toolkit that you will take with you.”

The students took the spotlight as their names were individually called and they accepted their stoles. Joann Alegria, Fiona Ambrosini, Gabrielle Ambrosini, Allison Amen, Justin Barry, Azza Ben-Moussa, Julia Sophia Berkowitz, Ilana Blumenthal, Jesse Bochner, Rachel Brenner, Sidney Brickman, Avery Brogan, Emily Bromberg, Laura Capozzi, Leah Convertino, Kyle Curley, Nicholas D’Alessandro, Sea D’Amico, Alexis Delibero, Paul Douglas, Ebonee Fagan, Gabriella Febrizio, John Spencer Gilmore, Allyson Golden, Jacqueline Rose Gruber, Hailey Hamias, Halle Irish Henry, Lily Hornung, Jennifer Hurst, Unice Yaeji Kim, Andrew James Klang, Sarah Kolodny, John Linnihan, Lauren Mangiafreno, Kayla Mango, Thomas Marcote, Jaclyn Marry, Melissa Marry, Paisley McKevitt, Liana Noreen Merdinger, Maegan Miciotta, Yvonne Miller, Jack Morris, Caroline Obed, Corey Ochs, Erika Opena, Nicholas Pasqua, Brandan Uomar Peraud, Molly Pfaff, Marc Lane Pittinsky, Keira Radin, Haley Rose Ricciardi, Genesis Rodriguez, Lisette Isabel Rodriguez, Victoria Roselli, Lindsay Rose Rosenberg, Emma Rovitz, Alexander Cole Schneider, Thomas Michael Sculley, Ryan Silverman, Harry Sunder, Daniel Taley, Vanessa Tate, Derek Topper, Alec Wall, Matthew Walsh and Logan Weitz drew a grand round of applause from their audience of Board of Education, administration, faculty and family members for concluding a significant venture.