Lido’s Red Noses Raise $600 for Youth in Need

Students and staff members from the Long Beach School District’s Lido Elementary School supported the inaugural Red Nose Day on May 21, when people across the nation donned red noses in support of an important cause. The campaign’s objective was to raise funds for, and awareness of, children living in poverty.

Lido raised a total of approximately $600 for the Red Nose Organization. Participants donated $1 each in exchange for a red nose intended to bring smiles, laughs and happiness to themselves and others throughout the day. Students ranging from pre-K through grade 5 contributed to the initiative, as did administrators, faculty and other staff members. They celebrated by gathering on the school’s front lawn for a school-wide photo, displaying a sea of red noses and cheerful faces.

Red Nose Day enhanced students’ awareness of the struggles that some youth throughout the country are faced with and opened their eyes to the ways that they can help. The students learned that a little bit goes a long way, and they can make a positive impact on the country, the community and the world by putting all their small contributions together and working as a team.