Lido and Lindell health classes celebrated Red Ribbon Week at the end of October. They participated in activities and lessons based on this year’s theme, “Respect Yourself, Be Drug-Free.”  

Students from both buildings created displays that have been accepted as entries in the National Red Ribbon Campaign Photo Contest. One school will win in each region of the country based on the number of votes received, and the entry with the most votes in each region will be awarded an iPad and a $1,000 monetary prize.

The Long Beach students conveyed the Red Ribbon Week message through various projects. Third-graders created replicas of themselves and conveyed the resiliency shields that they carry within, which represent their power to make healthy choices and stay safe. Fourth-grade students designed resiliency shields that serve as reminders of their self-respect and inner strength to say no to drugs.
Fifth-graders explored slogans and poems on the theme of respect and created “RESPECT Yourself” acrostic poems.

Voting takes place online at the Red Ribbon Week website, Visit the Red Ribbon Photo Contest Voting Page and enter Health Teacher Darlene Glasser’s name in the search bar to support the Lido and Lindell students in their mission to promote positive behaviors, emphasize good character and earn recognition for their schools!