A total of 58 Long Beach students ranging from elementary through high school have earned 60 placements in the Nassau Music Educators Association’s All-County Music Festival. They will represent the All-County Band, Chorus and Orchestra with performances in January.
These talented students were selected to participate in this opportunity based on the scores they received at the New York State School Music Association Solo Evaluation Festival last spring. They represent the most outstanding young musicians in Nassau County and dedicate a great deal of effort to music, with much support and guidance from the district’s comprehensive arts department. As evidence of this support, the NAMM Foundation has identified the district as a Best Community for Music Education for the past five years.

“This is an incredible opportunity for these students, and we wish them well on their performances,” said Julia Lang-Shapiro, the district’s director of media, visual and performing arts.

Twenty-seven elementary school children, 16 middle school students and 15 high school musicians are participating in the All-County ensembles, listed as follows:
East Elementary School
Summer Ambroise, Gr. 5, Orchestra, Violin
Chloe Estes-Salerno, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto
Kaitlyn Famighetti, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto
Jacob LoCascio, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto
Sienna Sanchez, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto
Lance Simon, Gr. 5, Band, Trumpet/Cornet
Lido Elementary School
Jordan Collinson, Gr. 5, Orchestra, Viola
Oliver Connolly, Gr. 5, Chorus, Soprano
Noah Gomez, Gr. 5, Band, Alto Sax
Alexandra Mackenzie, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto
Logan Monti, Gr. 5, Orchestra, Double Bass
Caroline O'Connor, Gr. 5, Chorus, Soprano
Mario Parano, Gr. 5, Band, Tuba/Sousaphone
Joseph Pelegrino, Gr. 5, Band, French Horn
Shannon Powers, Gr. 5, Chorus, Soprano
Payton Rosenzweig, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto
Tyler Shammas, Gr. 5, Chorus, Soprano
Lindell Elementary School
Christopher Lehr, Gr. 5, Orchestra, Violin
Jonathan Wachs, Gr. 5, Band, Alto Sax
West Elementary School
Jillian Byrne, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto
Camille Katzen, Gr. 5, Orchestra, Viola
Ava Lithgow, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto
Isabella McCavera, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto
Daniel Quick, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto
Sophia Roa, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto
Noah Robinson, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto
Ryan Stout, Gr. 5, Chorus, Alto

Long Beach Middle School
Maryn Ascher, Gr. 6, Chorus, Soprano
Ellis Bogacki, Gr. 6, Chorus, Soprano
Keira Centenni, Gr. 6, Band, Flute
Anthony Doall, Gr. 8, Band, Trumpet/Cornet  
Sophia Elenson, Gr. 8, Orchestra, Double Bass
Rayna Greenblatt, Gr. 6, Chorus, Soprano
Layla Hakimzadeh, Gr. 8, Band, Bb Clarinet
Natalia Hakimzadeh, Gr. 6, Orchestra, Violin
Alexandria Kile, Gr. 6, Chorus, Alto
Mia Mangels, Gr. 8, Chorus, Soprano
Aniya Moore, Gr. 6, Chorus, Alto
Arielle Nachman, Gr. 8, Chorus, Soprano
Abigail Quigley, Gr. 6, Chorus, Soprano
Amanda Roman, Gr. 8, Chorus, Alto
Mattias Roth, Gr. 7, Band, Baritone Sax
Tess Rundo, Gr. 6, Chorus, Alto

Long Beach High School
Marcela Contreras, Gr. 12, Women's Chorus, Alto
Luc Esformes, Gr. 11, Band, Tenor Sax
Claire Ezratty, Gr. 10, Orchestra, Cello
Emma Gilroy, Gr. 12, Women's Chorus, Soprano
Kipling Johnson, Gr. 12, Mixed Chorus, Baritone  
Alexandra Kapilian, Gr. 12, Orchestra, Bassoon; Vocal Jazz, Alto
Jonathan Kapilian, Gr. 12, Orchestra, Cello; Vocal Jazz, Tenor
Joshua Kapilian, Gr. 9, Vocal Jazz, Tenor
Richard Lilly, Gr. 10, Band, Tenor Sax
David Miller, Gr. 12, Mixed Chorus, Bass
Sam Miller, Gr. 11, Band, Trombone
Harrison Phillips, Gr. 9, Band, Bassoon
Alex Ramirez, Gr. 9, Band, Tuba/Sousaphone
Max Tunney, Gr. 12, Vocal Jazz, Bass
Thomas Walsh, Gr. 9, Chorus, Bass