Lindell Students ‘Chalk the Walk’ with Feelings

Lindell Elementary School students explored the rainbow of feelings during a “Chalk the Walk” event, which was coordinated in connection with the district’s emphasis on social-emotional learning. The occasion began with an assembly and concluded with an outdoor activity, during which each student had the opportunity to express him or herself through chalk art.

The entire school gathered in Lindell’s auditorium, where students were introduced to the broad range of feelings as represented by a bright and bold rainbow. A group of students and staff members played the rainbow’s various colors and dressed in their corresponding hues. Each color that took the spotlight on stage portrayed a different emotion, with love being the linking factor.

Students were taught that all feelings are accepted and it is okay to acknowledge one’s emotions, whether they are happy, sad, joyful, angry, etc. They learned how love can be used as a tool to manage feelings and dissipate negative moods or moments. 

Following the performance and discussion, each class had the opportunity to go outside and share their own feelings creatively. Students received colored chalk and illustrated their moods on the sidewalk outside of the building. The result was a walkway lined with pictures of hearts, faces, suns, self-portraits and many other images that conveyed an assortment of feelings.

The district implemented the social-emotional learning approach last year in all four elementary buildings. The philosophy focuses on the key competencies of self-awareness, social awareness, relationship tools, responsible decision-making and self-management.

The Chalk the Walk activity was a follow-up to Lindell’s focus on Self-Awareness, which includes recognizing and identifying one’s feelings, strengths and values, as well as developing an accurate self-perception. The week prior to the event, Lindell students and staff members created and discussed their own Mood Meters in order to introduce feelings and emotions.