Curiosity Unleashed: Lido School Students Make STEM Discoveries

Lido Elementary School celebrated students’ knowledge in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math with a STEM fair that showcased an assortment of projects. Pre-K through fifth-grade classes participated in this event, appropriately titled “Curiosity Unleashed,” for which they conducted experiments, solved challenges, made observations and shared their discoveries.

Students spent time prior to the fair researching their areas of focus and creating visual presentations that illustrated their studies. As a result, a variety of projects were displayed in Lido’s hallways and cafeteria. The featured works covered animal and plant life, the five senses, geometry, the environment and recycling, ecology, the human body, distance and measurement, and weather, among other topics.

The students, parents and staff members who toured the exhibit explored sea life, insects and butterflies, plants and gardens, bubbles and surface tension, airplane functions, magnetic forces, Arctic habitats, the atmosphere, healthy living and much more.

The emphasis of STEM in education continues to expand as these subjects play evolving roles in college and career opportunities. Throughout the district, students of all ages are involved in interdisciplinary experiences that strengthen their knowledge of the STEM components while engaging them in hands-on, collaborative learning.

The event at Lido was one of many activities that provide students with an understanding of curricula as it relates to real life beyond the classroom.