Long Beach High School is now the official name of the facility that serves the Long Beach Public Schools’ ninth- through twelfth-grade students. The building was previously registered as Long Beach Senior High School, as it was never officially converted after the middle school was built many years ago.

The “Senior High School” title typically denotes that a school houses grades 10-12 only. This year, the district submitted a request to the New York State Education Department to authorize the change.

“Parents and students have reported having trouble searching databases for the high school, such as when they were registering for the SAT exam, because outside organizations used the official title ‘Long Beach Senior High School,’” said Superintendent of Schools David Weiss. “Using the common name will alleviate that problem.”

The public school registration of Long Beach High School will become effective on July 1, 2016. Please refer to the building as Long Beach High School from this point on in order to maintain consistency.