LB Students’ Strong Chain a World Record-Breaker

On May 27, Long Beach High School’s Math Club set the unofficial Guinness World Record for "Longest Human Pi Chain.” More than 250 students filed onto the high school lacrosse field just after 2 p.m. to take their places in the sequence that wrapped across and around the field.

Each participant received a single digit of the mathematical constant, forming a long chain of non-terminating, non-repeating digits that showed the number's irrationality. The club developed the plan for this venture earlier in the school year and received approval from Guinness World Records to make their attempt.

The students simultaneously held up their digits of pi, and after one minute, the record was unofficially set. A summary of the activity and video footage taken by teacher Eric Krywe and TV Studio and Production students will now be submitted to Guinness World Records and reviewed for official authorization.