Eligible LB Homeowners to Receive Rebate Checks from State

The Long Beach Public Schools are pleased to announce that the Tax Freeze/Government Efficiency Plan submitted by the district in June has been approved by the New York State Division of the Budget and will be forwarded to the Department of Taxation and Finance.

This means that taxpayers will receive a tax rebate check for the second consecutive year. The rebate checks will be issued in the additional amount of school property tax for 2015-16 attributable to the district’s requested increase in the tax levy.

The district’s government efficiency plan follows the guidelines established in Gov. Cuomo’s 2014 Property Tax Freeze Credit legislation. It shows a savings that is  more than double the target amount of  $962,502 in each year.

To qualify for the tax credit, a household must meet the eligibility for a STAR exemption: the property must be the homeowner’s primary residence, and household income cannot exceed $500,000. Homeowners do not have to do anything additional to be eligible for the credit. The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance will review eligibility data and calculate the credit.

“We are always looking for efficiencies and finding ways to support our residents,” said Superintendent of Schools David Weiss. “The approval of our Tax Freeze/Government Efficiency Plan is positive news for our district and community, as our careful budgeting equates to savings for our taxpayers.”