Lido School Students Connect Constitution Day with Respect

In conjunction with Constitution Day on Sept. 17, students at Lido Elementary School learned about history and how it relates to being a good citizen today.

After teachers and administrators reviewed the Bill of Rights and how it came to pass, each student signed the school’s own constitution, which will remain on display in the cafeteria for the duration of the school year.

The Lido Cafeteria Preamble lists four main rules that the Lido family values: clean up after ourselves; use our inside voices; stay seated while eating; and respect each other, lunch aides and staff.

The principle that the school most prominently emphasizes is respect. “Respect is to not be mean to anyone…to respect others and their property,” said fourth-grader Jake Pellicane.

To further encourage the healthy habit of respect, cafeteria aides place written names of students who demonstrate this positive quality into a “respect box,” from which winners are selected each week through a raffle drawing. They have the chance to earn various prizes, one being a special outdoor dining opportunity in the building’s courtyard.

By signing their names, the students confirmed that they understand the purpose and meaning behind each of their cafeteria rules, and the importance of adhering to those practices in order to ensure a safe and comfortable environment.