This message is to clarify the details being rumored on social media about an incident that took place late on Friday, September 25. The district received a call from a student's grandmother that her grandson did not get off the bus at his normal bus stop and the grandmother did not know where he was. He had gotten off the bus at the previous stop (on the same route) with a friend before going home. Unfortunately, this message had not been communicated between family members and this misunderstanding led to a lot of unnecessary worry and concern.

When the district first heard that a student might be missing, we immediately mobilized our resources to assist the family to find the child, which included initiating a thorough search throughout our bus fleet and then contacting the police department.

Please be assured that the safety and well-being of our students remains paramount. District policy requires that Pre-k and kindergarten students need to be released to an adult and older students have the responsibility to return home from the bus stop on their own (the student in this case was a fourth grader). We would like to remind parents/guardians to speak with their children about after school plans.

Most importantly, the district is pleased that the student was located and returned safely home before dinner that evening.