Freshmen Get Acclimated with New Surroundings

Incoming freshmen at Long Beach High School spent Sept. 1 touring their new school with the help of senior leaders. This was the second year that Long Beach High School has held a freshman orientation as a way to support a smooth transition for ninth-graders.

Approximately 50 members of the senior class volunteered as buddies to their younger peers and helped to make them feel at home. After a brief introduction from school staff, freshmen were escorted around the building as they visited classrooms, attended a club fair and learned how to open their new lockers.

“It’s a lot harder than middle school,” Senior Blake Lewis said. “You’ll get used to it and be able to handle more and more. What you’ll figure out is that, over time, you’ll have a lot more self confidence.”

Fellow Senior Kristen Koff agreed with Lewis’ sentiments.

“They can expect it to be more challenging, but it’s definitely fun,” she said. “It’s a great time, and you get to meet a lot of new people.”
Kayla Sedotto is an incoming freshman from Island Park, and she said she chose Long Beach High School because it “had the most to offer.”
“I am expecting a lot more pressure, but I am looking forward to it,” she said. This year there will be approximately 60 Island Park students attending LBHS — the largest class yet.

Aaliyah Williams, from Long Beach, said she’s excited about the social changes that high school will bring to her life.

“I look forward to meeting new friends, joining more clubs and becoming more involved,” she said. “It’s really exciting.”