Long Beach Welcomes 38 New Staff Members with Orientation Program

As the Long Beach Public School District heads into an exciting new school year, new staff members are being warmly welcomed and acclimated to their respective schools and departments. A three-day new teacher orientation held Aug. 31 to Sept. 2 introduced 36 teachers, a guidance counselor and a school psychologist to the district’s programs and procedures in preparation for the Sept. 8 opening day.

The first portion of the new teacher orientation included presentations and workshops. Participants also had the opportunity to get to know their colleagues, meet administrators and Board of Education members, and learn about the district’s goals and history. The second day of the program featured a bus tour around the community, as well as an overview of technological resources and a session led by the Long Beach Classroom Teachers Association. The final day highlighted the district’s professional support system, which involves a staff mentoring element. The remainder of the afternoon focused on work at the school and department levels.

The district is pleased to welcome Danielle Adams, Shannon Ambury, Christina Arvotti, Kerri Bolkcom, Kathryn Brown, Timothy Cabasino, Krystal Cardenas, Rebecca Carroll, Alyson DiGiacomo, Marleen Dougherty, Natasha Drost, Serena Field, Eric Fox, Susan Garcia, Danielle Goggin, Chelsey Greenberg, Kelly Hegmann, Robert Hendrick, Janna James, Leah Kalfin, Walter Kramme, Lee Krinsky, Melissa Lyons, Antoinette McClean, Nilka McDonnell, Mallory Notholt, Jasmine Osorio, Amanda Ricotta-Kiefel, Kristina Ryan, Nicole Scorcia, Samantha Silverman, Kaitlin Smith, Lindsey Smith, Carrie Stern, Justin Sulsky, Rocco Tenebruso, Jessica Thomson and Christina Tomek.