The Long Beach Public Schools’ Office of Curriculum and Instruction secretary Patricia Carlucci is among six winners of New York State Odyssey of the Mind’s 2020 Virtual OMER’s Awards. She was nominated by teachers/coaches Douglas MacConnell and Justin Sulsky based on her support of the elementary teams. 

According to Odyssey of the Mind, OMER’s Awards recognize those individuals, coaches, team members, parents, officials and others who, during a tournament, serve as exemplary examples or role models through their actions or words. 

Ms. Carlucci has been supporting the district’s Odyssey of the Mind program behind the scenes for almost a decade. She has given countless hours to the group by coordinating travel arrangements and other details. Her extensive knowledge about the OM program keeps students and their coaches aware of information and on schedule for important tasks.  

“When the kids are smoothly competing in Binghamton, Michigan, and in the virtual world, they are having so much fun,” Mr. MacConnell and Mr. Sulsky wrote in their nomination letter. “The coaches know this wouldn't be possible without Ms. Carlucci! She represents being tireless in pursuit of goals, a commitment to students, and having patience and understanding.” 

The district congratulates Ms. Carlucci and thanks her for helping make these Odyssey of the Mind experiences possible.