Dear Long Beach School District Parents and Children, 

Thank you for your patience and resilience as we deal with the ever-evolving coronavirus crisis, an unprecedented time in our community, nation and the world. While there are manuals and committees for most everything we do, for this pandemic, we need to call on reason, good judgment and collaboration. We'd also like to commend the work Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Gallagher, District administration and staff are doing to inform us and ensure that all of our children receive quality educational options and that those who need extra care during this time are receiving it.

Direction will be taken from New York State Department of Education, the Department of Health and local government officials. If they are slow to act as they were with the closing of our schools, we will take action that we consider to be in the best interests of your children and families. We are doing our utmost as stewards based on the information we obtain and will closely monitor all developments. Superintendent Gallagher will continue to inform you of recent actions via email, the District website and social media platforms.

We are all in this together — Board of Education, Administration, Teachers, Noninstructional staff, Parents and children. Long Beach has proven time and again that we are a strong group of people who become stronger as a community in the face of adversity. We are dedicated to ensuring the academic success and wellbeing of all of our students during this trying time and beyond.